Men's Winter Woolies Extreme Pants

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Perfect for outdoor winter workers, or extreme cold skiing, the men’s EXTREME PANTS are like your own little furnace! In fact, the technology behind this fabric uses your own body heat to keep you cozy warm. Breathable, super soft and insulating with great wicking capability, these are the modern-day version of “long johns” that sell for much more in sporting goods/workwear stores! Give up your baggy, slouchy long underwear and jump into Winter Woolies EXTREME PANTS (and top). Wear them under your work pants, ski pants or uniform for construction work, for skiing, for ice fishing and dog sledding, for snowmobile riding, hockey and winter camping or dog walking. Stuff them in a knapsack, take them everywhere…… they last for years, and that’s the honest truth! Get into ‘em NOW and believe it…… CAN…….. Kill The Chill!