Vintage Ocelot Coat

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Have you EVER seen anything so spectacular? Wait till you see it ON YOURSELF, and marvel at this genuine Ocelot fur coat with MINK collar and cuffs. It is a perfect Size 10 and is knee length. This pelt is very very rare and a coat of this fur is almost impossible to find. It is a vintage coat in impeccable condition lined with patterned silky lining, so it is very lightweight yet warm and a totally awesome sleek smooth style. This coat works a real edgy look with leather or with jeans and black high boots. You can rock this look with a bit of bling (like the #521 Swarovski Crystal Zip Top in our Winter Woolies collection) and show that YOUR style is unique! This coat is totally flawless MADE IN CANADA originally as a LONG coat sold for over $15,000!! As a short coat and for a special client only I offer it at $3400.00/Best Now THIS coat is the perfect “You are So Special” Christmas gift, don’t you agree? Come try it on and you will love it! Call to set a viewing time.